A new legislation safeguards New Zealanders’ digital identity

New Zealand Law protect identity
Source: Unsplash

On Thursday, New Zealand‘s third and final reading of a new bill to make it simpler for New Zealanders to safely confirm their digital identities was passed.

According to Minister for Digital Economy and Communications Ginny Andersen, the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill guarantees that the digital system is trusted whether it is opening a bank account, exchanging medical records, conducting business online, or applying for government services.

“We know New Zealanders want control over their identity information and how it’s used by the companies and services they share it with. This framework will help make that easier and secure,” Xinhua news agency quoted the Minister as saying.

She stated that the digital identity ecosystem now lacks clear standards, and that the new law would create a framework for the provision of safe digital identity services.

According to Andersen, the framework would make it easier to authenticate digital identification since authorised organisations will be recognised by a “trust mark,” making them eligible for simplified processes.