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Airbnb will restrict those associated with forbidden guests

Airbnb will restrict those associated with forbidden guests
Source: Pixabay

Airbnb is prohibiting those who are connected to restricted users as a precautionary measure.

When a user is banned because they are linked with another problematic user, they are not permitted to access the site again until the problematic acquaintance’s appeal is granted or they prove that they are not “closely associated,” according to Motherboard.

The firm stated in a statement that it does sometimes prohibit users if it determines that they “are likely to travel” with someone who has already been banned; however, it is unclear when this practise began or how frequently it occurs.

The corporation regarded this as a “essential safety measure,” and a spokeswoman stated referring to such prohibitions as solely a result of affiliation is unnecessarily “simplistic”.

Airbnb has prioritized user safety on its international network in an effort to alleviate concerns that the site puts either guests or hosts at risk.

Airbnb also stated that it is aware that the system is not perfect, and that there is an appeals mechanism in place for those who believe they have been wrongly blacklisted.

In January this year, the business had reached out to a user called Amanda to warn her that she was banned from the site because the account was “closely related with a person who isn’t authorized to use Airbnb”.

The company then also said: “If we find that you are not closely associated with a person who isn’t allowed to use Airbnb, we may restore your account. If not, your account will remain removed from Airbnb.

If Airbnb didn’t conduct safety checks, it might encounter the possibility of endangering both its hosts and guests, the report said.