Biden intends to run for a second term, but has yet to make an announcement

White House rebuts claim of Biden's pre-10am unavailability due to fatigue
Source: Pixabay

US President Joseph Biden has again hinted at a bid for a second term, but has not announced it.

“I plan on running,” Biden told an NBC news interview Monday, adding, “but we’re not prepared to announce it yet.”

Biden has said before that he intends to seek a second term but he would announce it only after consulting his family.

First Lady Jill Biden told CNN in February, “I’m all for it, of course.”

Though no formal declaration has been made, all indications point to the US President running for a second term, defying worries about his age, particularly from members of his own party.

Biden is 80 years old and, at the age of 78, is the oldest president in American history. If he is elected, he will be 82 years old when he begins his second term in 2025.

Former President Donald Trump, the primary Republican contender against Biden, is currently 76 years old and would be 78 if he wins a second term. He was defeated for re-election in 2020 by Biden and is running for a third time, despite escalating legal problems.

President Biden now has a 42.6 percent approval rating in the FiveThirtyEight survey, with a 52.6 percent disapproval rating. While the economy has recovered from the crippling effects of the Covid-9 epidemic and unemployment is low, inflation remains high, and rising interest rates – raised by the Federal Reserve to curb inflation – raise fears of a recession, which has been bolstered by the failure of two regional banks in recent weeks.