Body Discovered Hanging from Tree at Austin High School

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Source: Pixabay

A young woman’s body was discovered hanging from a tree at a high school in South Austin, Texas, leading to the cancellation of classes on Thursday morning, according to Austin Independent sDistrict Police Chief Wayne Sneed.

Staff members at Travis Early College High School made the disturbing discovery shortly before 8 a.m. on what would have been the fourth day of the school year. Responding to the scene, both the police and EMS found the deceased female body hanging from a tree near the rear side of the school building.

Though the victim’s exact age and identity remain unconfirmed, local medical examiners estimate her age to be between 15 and 20 years old. Her cause of death is pending determination by medical professionals.

Classes for the day were promptly canceled at around 8:30 a.m., as students were either engaged in early extracurricular activities at the school or en route to campus by bus. School officials ensured that the body’s location, situated at the rear of the campus near a staff parking lot, remained out of sight to protect students from the distressing scene.

Chief Sneed clarified that none of the students were near the crime scene, and staff swiftly secured the area to prevent students from accessing it. Thus, students and staff were not exposed to the situation.

The school district confirmed the safety of both students and staff, asserting that there was no immediate danger. While it is uncertain whether the deceased person was a student at Travis Early College High School, the school year had only begun on the preceding Monday.

In light of the incident, ongoing support will be extended to staff and students by the district. Additional information about the incident is anticipated to be released at a later time, according to a spokesperson for the school district.

The investigation into the matter remains active