China’s Xi Jinping to travel to Russia

China Visit Russia
Source: Pixabay

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Russia on Monday, according to the Kremlin and the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The excursion is scheduled to last through Wednesday. Xi will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss “aspects of future development of comprehensive collaboration,” according to a Kremlin statement.

According to the Kremlin, there will also be a discussion of the international agenda and collaboration between the two countries in world affairs. According to RT, Russian and Chinese officials are set to sign a number of bilateral agreements.

During a phone chat in late December, Putin invited Xi to visit Russia, although the date of the trip was not previously revealed. Since Moscow initiated its military intervention in Ukraine in early 2022, the two Presidents have maintained frequent communication, both in person at international gatherings and over video link.

This month, Beijing announced an endeavour to end the crisis in Ukraine. According to RT, Moscow said it would evaluate the suggestion but stressed that Kiev’s failure to recognise the new reality on the ground is a big impediment to negotiations.

The Ukrainian government has stated that its goal is military victory over Russia, as well as the evacuation of Russian forces from all territory claimed by Kiev as its own. It has also barred any dialogue with Russia as long as Putin is in power.