Cuba grapples with the repercussions of Hurricane Idalia’s devastation

DeSantis: Hurricane Idalia Causes 'Significant Harm' in Florida, Dozens Rescued
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Hurricane Idalia, a Category 3 storm, has made landfall in Florida, USA, and its impacts have been deeply felt in the western part of Cuba, as reported by local media.

Reports from state TV indicate that the hurricane left more than 300,000 residents in Cuba’s western provinces without electricity.

The territory most severely affected, Pinar del Rio, experienced intense rainfall and powerful winds, resulting in flash floods and landslides. Notably, Hurricane Idalia caused significant damage to over 20 school buildings in this region.

In the province of Artemisa, hundreds of individuals residing in low-lying areas sought shelter in response to the hurricane’s threat, according to the Cuban News Agency ACN.

Local authorities confirmed that the western province of Mayabeque saw more than 300 hectares of crops suffer damage due to the storm.

Havana, the capital of Cuba, witnessed a house collapse that led to three injuries—a noteworthy incident in the island’s most densely populated city, as reported by the daily newspaper Tribuna de La Habana.

Almost a year earlier, Category 3 Hurricane Ian had struck Pinar del Rio, causing widespread devastation and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

It’s important to highlight that the Atlantic hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30.