Finland strengthens travel restrictions for Russian business and student travelers

Finland's economy on the verge of recession
Source: Pixabay

Non-essential travel by Russian residents to and through Finland to other Schengen area countries will be prohibited, and limitations for business travelers, students, and property owners will be strengthened, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Helsinki.

According to a statement made Thursday night, business travelers from Russia would only be permitted to enter Finland, meaning that transit to other countries will be barred, according to the Xinhua news agency.

They must have a “important reason to come to Finland in person.”

According to the Ministry statement, property owners would also be asked to demonstrate grounds for their personal presence in the nation.

Students will be permitted to engage only in programmes or courses that lead to a degree, such as exchange programmes.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of nine Finnish diplomats and the closing of Helsinki’s consulate in St. Petersburg, all of which will take effect on October 1.

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto responded by saying that his government was considering counter-measures.

The President stated on Twitter that the Russian consulate in Turku, western Finland, is the counterpart of the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg.

On June 6, Finland fired nine Russian Embassy staff, leading the Foreign Ministry to declare that they will “react accordingly.”