Flood water inundates Australia’s Queensland, crocodiles lurk underneath

Australia Flood Crocodile
Source: Unsplash

With substantial flooding continuing occurring in Burketown and the Gregory River, the Queensland police force warned locals on Monday to limit movement in floodwaters due to unknown hazards and recent crocodile sightings.

“Police rescued a baby kangaroo from floodwaters behind a residential community in Burketown yesterday. A helicopter pilot flew over at the time and spotted two very large crocs nearby, a timely reminder to stay out of floodwaters as you never know what is lurking beneath,” Queensland Police Service warned on social media.

The state police said in an update on the extreme weather event hitting northern Queensland that sewage and water treatment plants in Burketown are now offline, and residents are being advised to conserve water usage and continue to watch guidance from local councils.

As substantial flooding sweeps downstream from Urandangi to Roxborough Downs, police are closely monitoring the situation in Urandangi, where 16 people have been evacuated in anticipation of increasing floodwaters.

Air assets are stationed nearby and on standby for emergency rescues and the transport of food, water, and medical supplies, according to the police.

Days of torrential rain caused major to historic floods in portions of northeastern Queensland.

“No observations are available for the Burketown Airstrip manual gauge. Based on anecdotal information from Burketown, the river level is expected to have peaked above the 2011 record flood level of 6.78 meters on Sunday,” said the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

“Major flooding is expected to be easing slowly on Monday. The river level along the Albert River at Burketown Airstrip is expected to continue easing slowly over the next few days, but is likely to remain above the major flood level (6.00 m) during Monday and Tuesday, possibly longer,” the BOM added.

Burke Shire Mayor Ernie Camp told the ABC on Monday morning that up to 100 people had been evacuated from Burketown, with another 120 evacuated around the district.

Camp observed a 400-mm drop in water levels.

“Hopefully, there will be no additional rises, and we will remain optimistic.”