Indian woman who supplied narcotics to youngsters, imprisoned in UK

Four accused drug dealers were detained in Germany following a minor's death
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According to the Metropolitan Police, a lady of Indian descent in the UK was given a seven-year prison term for being a member of a gang that used minors to sell narcotics.

Following a seven-week trial, Sarina Duggal, 28, of no fixed address, was found guilty of providing Class A narcotics and was sentenced to prison last week at Bournemouth Crown Court together with five other defendants.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the drug supply was regulated in and around London and Birmingham and supplied in Bournemouth.

Duggal and his gang supplied crack cocaine and heroin to Bournemouth addicts by abusing helpless youngsters.

After a 16-year-old Farnborough teenager was detained in Bournemouth for having a significant amount of crack cocaine and heroin, police opened an inquiry.

After being detained, a cell phone was taken from him, and he was freed while an investigation was ongoing so that safety measures could be put in place.

The communications data of important connections between the perpetrators, as well as mobile phone downloads and social media chats between them, were thoroughly analyzed by detectives.

They also spent hours poring through CCTV footage from a hotel in Bournemouth. Duggal and four other people were recognized as being in charge of the aHustle county drug line, which had been active in Bournemouth.

She had employed the 16-year-old boy as her employee. Officers detained two further gang members and discovered a significant amount of crack cocaine and heroin during a targeted operation in September 2022.

In addition, a Bournemouth flat in the Boscombe neighborhood had a 16-year-old Warwickshire lad who had been reported missing.

“This criminal gang were exploiting two children, both missing from London, to run their County Line from London to Bournemouth and in doing so, placed them at the forefront of the supply chain, exposed to the most risk, whilst they harnessed the profits,” Detective Chief Inspector Dan Mitchell said.

A warrant was executed in Birmingham last year resulting in the arrest of the line holders.

“This line showed determination, adapted its methods, and showed it was not to be deflected from its ambition,” Judge Jonathan Fuller KC said.

The ringleader of the group and Duggal’s spouse, Adam Sheikh, who received a 12-year sentence, was described as coming from a “good family” and having plans to study law, according to Daily Echo.

“Your hopeful career of being a lawyer is now clearly dashed. You recognize you’ve thrown away a promising future through your choice of becoming a drug dealer,” Judge Fuller KC told Duggal before sentencing her to prison.

The Bournemouth Crown Court handed down sentences to all six dealers totaling 39 years and 6 months in jail.

The youngsters were not charged and their local authorities each reported them to Children’s Services.