Japan Records All-Time High Temperatures Marking Hottest Summer

Japan Records All-Time High Temperatures Marking Hottest Summer
Source: Pixabay

Japan has experienced its hottest summer on record, with the highest average temperature ever recorded, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). The average temperature for the June-August period this year exceeded the typical levels by 1.76 degrees Celsius, surpassing the previous record increase of 1.08 degrees set in 2010. This marks the hottest summer in Japanese history since record-keeping began in 1898.

Experts described this year’s summer as “abnormal” due to the overwhelmingly high temperatures across the country. Between July 16 and August 23, temperature records were shattered at 106 of the 915 monitoring sites throughout Japan. July was the warmest on record, and June was the second-hottest.

In late July, the main island of Honshu experienced high-pressure systems from the Pacific Ocean, resulting in rising temperatures. In August, slow-moving typhoons brought warm air masses northward. Unusually strong westerly winds and record-high sea surface temperatures also contributed to the heatwave.

Analysts emphasized that the significance of this record-breaking summer temperature extends beyond mere statistics, highlighting the broader impacts of climate change and global warming.