Khalistan activists allegedly attacked the Indian consulate building in San Francisco

Khalistan Australia violence arrest

Even as the uproar over the removal of the tricolour from the Indian High Commission building in London was beginning to quiet down, videos of a mob destroying the Indian consulate in San Francisco emerged.

According to reports, a big mob is shown in the film, with loud music playing in the background, storming the Indian consulate and spray-painting a huge graffiti proclaiming “Free Amritpal” on its outer wall.

According to accounts, multiple videos showing individuals breaking glass doors and windows of the embassy building with butts of poles with Khalistani flags were reportedly filmed by the miscreants themselves.

Workers of the embassy were later seen in the footage removing the flags when a throng can be seen breaking past a barricade from behind, screaming slogans. Employees can be seen running into the facility as protestors try to catch up with them.

As the doors of the consulate were slammed shut on their faces, the protestors began striking them with flags, and one of them destroyed the building’s windows with a sword.