Massive Fire in Houston Mobilizes 100 Firefighters

Massive Fire in Houston Mobilizes 100 Firefighters
Source: Video Screenshot

A significant fire in Houston led to the swift response of approximately 100 firefighters, causing the affected area to be engulfed in dense smoke, according to local authorities.

The Houston Fire Department reported that the blaze erupted on a Sunday afternoon at the Living Earth landscaping facility, as detailed by the city-oriented ABC13 News.

In an early Monday tweet, the Department confirmed that fire crews were actively engaged at the address 5802 Crawford, working to extinguish a large mulch pile that had ignited.

Importantly, no injuries or fatalities were reported in connection to the incident. The Department also advised the public to steer clear of the vicinity due to the heightened presence of emergency vehicles.

As of now, the exact origin of the fire remains undetermined.

Interestingly, this same establishment had previously experienced a fire in February earlier in the year.