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Mercedes-Benz and Cisco collaborate to bring mobile office to new sedans

Mercedes-Benz and Cisco collaborate to bring mobile office to new sedans
Source: Pixabay

Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with Cisco (a digital communications technology company) to introduce the new E-Class sedans with Webex Meetings and Calling and Webex AI audio capabilities – allowing employees to connect in meetings at any time.

According to Engadget, the companies announced the collaboration at last week’s Mercedes-Benz E-Class event and will reveal more details at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, in 2023.

Webex is a web conferencing company based in the United States that develops and sells web conferencing, video conferencing, and contact centre as a service applications. It is led by Cisco.

“This partnership will help people get work done safely, securely and comfortably in their vehicles,” the companies were quoted as saying.

Furthermore, according to the report, if users attend a meeting while driving, the companies claim to offer “best-in-class noise cancellation” thanks to Webex’s audio intelligence technology.

Unless users park, they will only be able to access video meetings, AI-powered transcription, content-sharing functions, and emoji reactions.

According to the report, a Webex app will be available in the Mercedes-Benz Car App Store, and the built-in WiFi and cellular data connection eliminates the need for users to bring their phones to the meeting.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz recently received the industry’s first Level 3 Autonomy approval for its “DRIVE PILOT” system.

According to the luxury car company, Nevada (a US state) is the first to confirm the system’s compliance with state regulations.