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Microsoft launches new AI Skills project to assist individuals in learning Artifical Intelligence

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Source: Pixabay

Microsoft has established a new AI Skills Initiative to help people and communities across the world learn how to use artificial intelligence.

According to the company, the initiative will include new, free coursework developed in collaboration with LinkedIn, such as the first Professional Certificate on Generative AI in the online learning market, a new open global grant challenge in collaboration with to uncover new ways of training workers on generative AI, and increased access to free digital learning events and resources for everyone to improve their AI fluency.

Workers will learn introductory ideas of AI, including a look at responsible AI frameworks, as part of the Professional credential on Generative AI coursework, and will obtain a Career Essentials credential if they pass the assessment.

“This Professional Certificate on Generative AI is currently available in English and will launch in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese over the coming months on LinkedIn Learning,” Microsoft said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

Furthermore, the digital behemoth is releasing a trainer toolbox for teachers, trainers, and facilitators, with the goal of providing skilling materials and training to local communities.

According to the business, the toolkit will feature downloadable, bite-sized information for trainers, including a new AI course designed for educators by Microsoft Education and content on the practical applications of AI.

“AI offers perhaps even more potential for the good of humanity than any invention that has preceded it,” said Microsoft’s President and Vice Chair Brad Smith.

Additionally, the company is releasing the Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge, a free technical training challenge to learn essential AI skills with Microsoft products and services, beginning on July 17.