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Microsoft’s third round of layoffs affects personnel in the supply chain, cloud, and IoT industries

Microsoft to cut 1,000 sales and customer service jobs
Source: Pixabay

Microsoft has launched a third round of layoffs, affecting personnel in supply chain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors (IoT).

According to CRN, the third wave of layoffs is part of Microsoft‘s 10,000 job reduction announced earlier this year.

According to the report, which cited the corporation, job layoffs were made at various levels, functions, teams, and countries.

According to public records, the IT behemoth recently laid off 689 workers in Washington state.

Microsoft informed Washington State in February that 617 employees had been laid off.

In the same month, the corporation informed the state of California of 108 layoffs.

“In January, Microsoft informed Washington state that 878 employees were cut, bringing the total number of employees let go in the state to 2,184,” the report mentioned.

According to a LinkedIn post by a Microsoft employee, the corporation has shut down Project Bonsai, an AI-powered automation initiative, and laid off the staff.

Another principal product manager, who worked for more than 18 years at Microsoft and oversaw a team of product managers in Supply Chain Engineering, a division of the Cloud and AI department of Microsoft, wrote on LinkedIn that acea substantial portion of my group and I were let go”.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella indicated in January that the company will “make changes that will result in a reduction of our overall headcount by 10,000 people until the end of FY23 Q3 (third quarter)”.

Microsoft currently employs over 220,000 people, and layoffs affected approximately 5% of the workforce.