No plans for a second round of mobilization: General Staff of Russia

Russia mobilisation second round
Source: Pixabay

Russia has no preparations for a second wave of mobilisation, according to General Staff spokesman Vladimir Tsimlyansky on Friday.

“I’d like to assure you that there are no plans for a second wave of mobilisation by the General Staff because there are enough citizens who have already been called up for military service, as well as those who voluntarily expressed a desire to participate in the operation,” Xinhua news agency quoted Tsimlyansky as saying.

The number of civilians who have voluntarily enlisted in the military under the enlistment contract has greatly grown, he noted.

The Russian spring draught will take place as usual this year from April 1 to July 15 for a total of 147,000 Russians aged 18 to 27.

For the first time, the draught notification will be distributed electronically.