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Reddit’s new Transparency Center will act as a centre for safety and security information

Reddit Safety Security
Source: Unsplash

Reddit, the social discussion forum, has established a new online Transparency Centre, which will serve as a primary source of information on the platform’s safety, security, and policies.

Reddit said the company’s goal is that “the Transparency Centre will make it easier for users — as well as other interested parties, like policymakers and the media — to find information about how we moderate content, deal with complex things like legal requests and keep our platform safe for all kinds of people and interests”.

In addition, the social discussion site released its 2022 Transparency Report, which shared insights and stats concerning content deleted from Reddit.

Content proactively deleted as a consequence of automated automation, accounts suspended, and legal demands from governments, law enforcement agencies, and third parties to remove material or lawfully seek private user data are among the insights and KPIs.

According to the research, 2022 was the most prolific year for content production on Reddit to yet, with users contributing an astounding 8.3 billion posts, comments, chats, and private messages on our site.

It also disclosed that in 2022, more than 96% of Reddit material adhered with the company’s Content Policy and specific community regulations, a modest improvement over previous year’s figure of 95%.

Nevertheless, the remaining 4% of material was deleted by moderators or administrators in 2022, with the vast majority of admin deletions (almost 80%) being due to spam, such as karma farming.