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Samsung will begin mass manufacture of 3rd-gen 4nm chips soon

Samsung Chip Investment
Source: Unsplash

According to media reports, Samsung is planning to begin mass manufacturing of third-generation 4nm chips in the first half of this year.

According to SamMobile, it is the key foundry product in the ultra-micro manufacturing process.

Because of technological advancements in performance, power consumption, and area improvements, the company was able to address one of the key challenges in the early phases of the process, which was yield stabilisation.

Samsung Foundry’s advancements enable the company to move forward with the production of 4nm circuits. The 2.3-generation process will be used for these chips.

According to industry sources, the IT giant has increased its 4nm chip production capacity, with a yield of 60%.

Nonetheless, this is still less than its competitor TSMC, which is believed to be in the 70% to 80% range.

However, it was reported last week that the tech behemoth was speeding up the development of its in-house CPU, which will be used in its Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Book Computers, and that it also had an internal meeting with a team dedicated to CPU core development.

However, the corporation later stated that rumours of a new internal CPU development team were false.