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Snapchat adds ‘Content Controls’ function that allows parents to regulate what their children watch

Snapchat Parental control
Source: Unsplash

Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, has launched a new tool for Family Center dubbed “Content Limits,” which will allow parents to limit the type of content their teens watch on the app.

The firm released “Family Center” on Snapchat last year to provide parents access into who their kids are chatting with on the app, and it has now added a new Content Controls function to enable parents customise their teens’ particular experiences and requirements.

“Our new Content Controls in Family Center will allow parents to filter out Stories from publishers or creators that may have been identified as sensitive or suggestive. To enable Content Controls, parents will need to have an existing Family Center set up with their teen,” Snapchat said in a blogpost.

Parents can enable the option in Snapchat’s Family Center by selecting the “Restrict Sensitive Content” filter.

Once enabled, teens will no longer be able to view the restricted content on Stories and Spotlight, the platform’s short video segment.

Meanwhile, Snap has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for Snapchat that is powered by the most recent version of OpenAI’s GPT technology.

The “My AI” chatbot is available as an experimental feature for Snapchat+ subscribers and will be rolling out this week, the company said in a blogpost.