South Korea and the US conduct air drills with strategic bombers

South Korea US air drill bomber

South Korea and the United States conducted joint air drills on Wednesday, involving at least one American B-52H strategic bomber, as part of concerted efforts to enhance deterrence against developing North Korean threats, according to the Seoul Defense Ministry.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the bomber was redeployed to the Korean Peninsula approximately a month after its last deployment here, amid concerns prompted by Pyongyang’s provocative measures, such as the demonstration of the Hwasan-31 tactical nuclear weapon last week.

For the drills, the South Korean Air Force sent out F-35A radar-evading jets, while the US sent out F-35B and F-16 planes.

According to the Ministry, the training concentrated on rehearsing procedures to shield the strategic bomber from potential airborne enemy threats, as well as increasing the interoperability and integrated operational capabilities of the partner forces.

In recent months, the United States has deployed a number of high-profile military assets, including a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, in an apparent show of force in response to possible North Korean provocations.