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SURVEY: More than 10% of Japanese children with Covid-related brain illness die

Japan Covid children brain illness
Source: Unsplash

According to the findings of a recent nationwide survey issued by a Health Ministry study team, more than 10% of Japanese children who had acute brain syndrome after receiving Covid-19 died.

The survey revealed 34 occurrences of acute encephalopathy due to Covid-19 infection in people under the age of 18 between January 2020 and May 2022.

According to Xinhua, the researchers examined 31 individuals who did not have any underlying diseases that may have led to the brain injury.

Nineteen of the 31 children recovered completely, while four did not, and issues were discovered in eight more. Five of the eight were alleged to be experiencing serious adverse effects, such as being bedridden and unconscious.

According to the study, the predominant early symptoms were seizures, which about half of the patients had, reduced awareness, and changed speech or behaviour.

When the Omicron coronavirus strain became widespread in January 2022 or later, the majority of people had acute encephalopathy.

The percentage of children with Covid infection who exhibited brain symptoms before and after 2022, on the other hand, showed no discernible variation, suggesting that Omicron may not necessarily make the brain condition more likely to appear, according to the research.