U.S. Embassy in Haiti advises Americans to depart without delay

U.S. Embassy in Haiti advises Americans to depart 'without delay'
Source: Pixabay

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti has issued a directive for American citizens within the country to depart “as soon as possible” due to the ongoing instability and political turmoil.

Citing the prevailing security situation and challenges in infrastructure, the embassy released an advisory on Wednesday, urging U.S. nationals in Haiti to arrange their departure promptly, utilizing commercial or private transportation options.

In the interim, the advisory also emphasized that Americans should exercise extreme care when moving around the nation and should steer clear of participating in demonstrations or large gatherings.

In cases where roadblocks are encountered, the embassy underscored the importance of turning back and seeking refuge in a safe area.

Notably, just last month, the United States undertook the evacuation of non-essential government personnel as well as family members of diplomats stationed at the embassy in Port-au-Prince, which stands as both the capital and the most populous city in Haiti. This decision came on the heels of Haitian individuals gathering near the U.S. Embassy seeking protection from intense gunfire occurring in the vicinity of the compound.