UK Offers Pay Rise to Public Sector Workers After Strikes

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Source: Pixabay

The UK government has revealed that millions of public sector workers, including teachers and doctors, will receive pay increases of approximately six percent following widespread strikes across various industries.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed on Thursday, “I can confirm that today we’re accepting the headline recommendations of the Pay Review Bodies in full.” He emphasized that the government’s offer is final, with no further discussions on pay planned.

Sunak reiterated, “We will not negotiate again on this year’s settlements. And no amount of strikes will change our decision.”

According to the proposal put forward on Thursday, UK teachers have been offered a 6.5 percent pay rise, while junior doctors would see a six percent increase. Additionally, police and prison officers are expected to receive a seven percent pay rise, as reported by the Xinhua news agency.

Sunak stated that the government will not finance these pay rises through increased borrowing or higher taxes. He explained, “It would not be right to increase taxes on everyone to pay some people more, particularly when household budgets are so tight. Neither would it be right to pay for them by higher borrowing because higher borrowing simply makes inflation worse.”

The announcement underscores the government’s commitment to providing pay increases to public sector workers while considering the impact on taxpayers and the overall economy.