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Windows 11 to get AI Bing search box, phone link for iOS

AI Bing search box for Windows 11, 'phone link for iOS'
Source: Pixabay

Microsoft has announced new updates to Windows 11, including a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Bing to the taskbar and an iOS phone link.

Users will be able to find answers “faster than ever before” with the typable Windows search box and the new AI-powered Bing, the tech giant said in a blog post on Tuesday.

According to the company, the search box is one of the most popular features on Windows, with over 500,000 users each month.

Users in the Bing preview can gain access to this feature by installing the most recent Windows 11 update, while others can join the new Bing preview waitlist.

The tech behemoth also debuted a new Phone Link for iOS, promising that “you’ll never have to worry about missing that important call or text while concentrating on your Windows 11 PC.”

This feature will first be available as a preview to Windows Insiders.

“For those of you with a Samsung phone, we’ve made it easier to activate your phone’s personal hotspot with a single click from within the Wi-Fi network list on your PC,” the company said.

Microsoft also stated that users can now instantly adjust background blur, eye contact, and automatic framing in their favorite communication applications, with seamless integration into Teams.

“We are excited to introduce the expansion of Widgets to include Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass, and partners like Meta and Spotify, so it has never been easier to stay up to date on the things that matter,” it added.

In addition, Snipping Tool now includes a built-in screen recorder.