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YouTube to eliminate ‘overlay advertisements’ from videos

YouTube will eliminate 'overlay advertisements' from videos beginning April 6
Source: Pixabay

Starting April 6, Google-owned YouTube will discontinue the “Overlay advertising” ad type.

“The ‘Overlay advertisements’ ad format will no longer show on YouTube starting April 6th, 2023 to assist improve the user experience and shift interaction to higher performing ad formats on desktop and mobile devices,” the firm said in a YouTube Help Forum post.

Overlay ads are a historical ad format that is only available on desktops and is annoying to viewers.

The business stated that these ads only displayed on desktop and that it expects most Creators to experience a minor impact as engagement shifts to other ad types.

Furthermore, the video streaming company stated that none of their other ad formats have changed.

YouTube blocked new posts and comments on its English Help forum earlier this month as it transitioned to a read-only mode in preparation for “improvements” in the coming months.

“Unfortunately, many threads are not relevant for user-based discussion and a large amount of questions go unanswered. Our goal is to ensure this can be a helpful space for all of you, so we’ll be using this time and these experiments to inform the long-term plan for this forum — more to come,” according to the YouTube Help page.